Welcome, Traveller!

The Tavern is open :)


TAVERNKEEP: You're welcome to rest here awhile - we have good food and drink, and there's always a host of strange folk hanging around here to keep you company...

TAVERNKEEP: Anyway, what can I do you for?

order a drink
order something to eat caprese sandwhich with deli meat fried chicken sandwhich on brioche with cheese fries in a metal bowl pixelated cgi cheese wheel bao bun with pulled meat and spicy sauce cgi red apple shiny red trawberry a slice of chocolate bundt cake slice of yellow loaf cake with white icing slice of chocolate cake with whole strawberries on top small stack of blueberry pancakes
hear the latest gossip

TAVERNKEEP: Well, I shouldn't say really, but did you hear that...

GRIST has been seen UNPACKING IN A NEW COTTAGE recently?

*AHEM* I never gossip and I'm not about to start now! check the QUEST BOARD if you're so interested in the local comings and goings!

You step away from the bar and turn around to scout the rest of the room. The little tavern is warm and inviting, and filled with the scent of fresh bread. The bard in the back corner smiles at you as they tune their lute, little snippets of music occasionally ringing out when they test a chord. A few customers chat in little groups around the room, some huddled close and speaking in urgent whispers, others laughing and egging one another on to buy a round of drinks.

take a closer look at the other customers
Fellow Taverngoers (Other Cool Sites!)

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black knight slashing purple wizard walking medieval lady in red fighting knight facing right fighting knight facing left
approach the bard
BARD: Ah, greetings friend! it isn't very lively in here yet - well, maybe except those two knights in the corner - but I'll play you something peaceful if you like :)

look at the quest board