Charmed, I'm Sure

The cackle of crows flapping overhead startles you out of your reverie. You look around to find yourself surrounded by trees and the heavy scent of rain. The dirt path beneath your feet leads your eyes to a knarled wooden gate just a few steps in front of you. A dense ivy plant covers the fence either side of the gate, and its leaves are shaking a little in the breeze - you almost feel that they are waving to you.

A dry cough tears your gaze away from the friendly leaves as you suddenly notice a tall & spindly FIGURE staring at you from between the bars of the gate.

The FIGURE gives a quiet, rustling laugh, like dry leaves.

"Would You Like To Come In?"

hello, I'm Grist! | ageless and formless* | as seen on tumblr


This site is intended to mimic the dialogue trees in fantasy rpg games - when you see text with a little arrow like the example below, you can click on it to open that part of the dialogue branch!

Show GRIST that you understand the INSTRUCTIONS
Nice work! congratulations on completing the tutorial of this rpg - your reward is a QUEST HINT!

You can get in THOMAS' good books by giving him CHICKEN

Also, you can click the text with the arrow again if you want to close this section. Try it!

Grist is currently...
bounty hunting in Fable 2
watching: cakejumper twitch VODs
snacking on: dark chocolate digestive biscuits
latest vintage find: a medieval tapestry
thought for the day: remember to eat something good today!

This is Thomas, my gate guardian - please be nice to him.

Cliques, Webrings, Widgets, Oh My!

if you like, you can add my button to your site!

button instructions
first, save my button image and add it to your site files
(please don't hotlink!)

next, copy and paste this code wherever you'd like my button to appear on your site, and edit the underlined text as instructed:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="the location + name of the button image in your site files" alt="steponleaf button" title="add a name/description for the link here"></a>

you can see my button wall by checking out who's hanging out at the tavern!

*I prefer to stay in character here, but if it makes you more comfortable to know Real Info about me you can click on the text below:

Peek Behind The Curtain
Hi! I'm the creator of steponleaf! I am 24, neurodivergent, queer & genderfluid (she/they pronouns plz and thank), and an ex-STEM student getting back into coding Just As A Hobby This Time I Swear. Please call me Grist :)

IRL interests:
  • D&D (playing a warlock currently!)
  • period dramas (downton abbey my beloved)
  • fantasy/cosy videogames (Witcher 3, zelda, stardew valley)
  • collecting Trinkets
  • making art!
I'm quite new to the indie web but have been watching everyone have fun on it for some time now, and recently I just got Far Too Sad about social media and decided making this site might make me feel better. So far I think I was right!

I do hope you have as much fun as I do poking around here - I have so many exciting things I want to add!
Thank you very much for stopping by ^-^